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SALON CLEO offering you the best!!!!!!!




  • KRYOLAN should be your choice for the most demanding make up expectations
  • KRYOLAN can be used on all skin types
  •  kryolan flawless foundation, covers any remaining blemish on the skin. Imperfections disappear and the result is exquisite. The cheekbones are more defined.
  • Kryolan Foundation application is very thinly applied, giving you a flawless and glowing effect
  • kryolan concealer covers all pigmenations 100%, without it being heavily applied.



* KRYOLAN WATER PROOF TRANSLUCENT POWDER (allows makeup to be sealed on your skin for entire day)















Specials in storekryolan translucent cosmetic makeup at salon cleo 0315009998




We offer professional make-up to the industry so they can accomplish their tasks effectively and create incredible works of art

KRYOLAN PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP used by leading models and film industry




There is only one real professional make-up maker. There is only one Kryolan.

Kryolan have been supplying the film, theater and television industries for over sixty-six years, which makes us one of the world’s first professional make-up brands. We’re still the number one choice for make-up artists today, thanks to our extensive range of over 16,000 high-quality make-up products and accessories. 

Kryolan’s chemists have been developing our professional range from our headquarters in Berlin for over six decades. During this time, we’ve created and perfected 750 color-intense shades in over 16,000 products, which are currently used in more than 80 countries in every continent worldwide. 

Our qualified chemists are continuously developing new products and looking for raw materials with exceptional qualities – which led to the development of our Dermacolor range, attracting the attention of clinical dermatologists all over the world.

The Professional Difference

What sets Kryolan apart from other make-up brands, professional or otherwise, is our dedication to meeting professional make-up artists’ needs and demands. Every sector has its own expectations, for example theatrical make-up must be extremely hard-wearing, so we only produce formulas that can perform under industry pressures:

  • Every one of our color-true products stands up on stage and on camera, even under HD lighting and filming conditions
  • All our products are very long-lasting, yet still comfortable to wear
  • Every formula we develop is highly pigmented and color-intense
  • We use ingredients of highest purity for unbeatable skin compatibility
  • We guarantee color continuity, which means you can recreate similar looks again and again
  • Our brand offers the highest degree of product safety and reliability – perfect for the professional environment
  • A large number of our products are also suitable for everyday wear.

Our Clinical Credentials

We’ve always made our products to the state-of-the-art. In fact, the raw materials we use are of highest purity exceeding the requirements and expectations for cosmetics. 

To meet outstanding quality standards is our goal. That is why we cooperate with leading dermatologists and accomplish ongoing clinical tests to ensure excellent skin compatibility. 

We’re also pleased to report that, we always refused to test our products on animals. No Kryolan product has ever been tested on an animal. 

And when it comes to ensuring color consistency, we’re also at the forefront of technology. In our laboratories today, most skin shades are controlled with the aid of a photo spectrometer: a device used more commonly in scientific laboratories, which measures and monitors colors with pinpoint accuracy. 



The History of Kryolan



  • 1945
    Kryolan Professional make-up is launched and introduced to Berlin’s theatres, as the country recovers from the Second World War.
  • Kryolan take over the competing make-up firm Brandel GmbH, synergising their product ranges and business methods.
  • 1969
    Kryolan premier the first publication for make-up artistry, “lebendige Maske”. This publication has been issued regularly ever since.
  • 1971-1981
    After 26 years of doing business in the old premises, the company moves into its new headquarters in the Papierstrasse. Kryolan begin to make contacts in the USA, and in 1976 the first Kryolan subsidiary is opened in California. Shortly after, the brand’s export share grows to 60%.
  • The camouflage sector continues to develop well, as Dermacolor products are sold in nine countries including Australia. Kryolan hold their 1st international make-up seminar in Berlin, with 150 participants attending from 20 countries. This seminar is a huge success, and becomes a repeat event.
  • 1983-1986
    Kryolan continues to grow, expanding further into Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
  • 1992-1993
    Kryolan take over Charles H. Fox Ltd. in London. Charles Fox is responsible for sales of Kryolan products in the United Kingdom. Kryolan Poland is founded.
  • Kryolan celebrate 50 years of successful business, as their products sell successfully in five continents.
  • 2004
    Kryolan hosts their first Make-up Artists’ Forum, discussing the professional concerns and job prospects of German-speaking make-up artists. As the 28th Olympic Games are held in Athens, Greece, Kryolan are invited to provide make-up for 4000 actors for a one-of-a-kind opening ceremony. Kryolan develop a unique make-up formula to counteract the extreme weather conditions.
  • Arnold Langer is awarded the ‘A Lifetime of Beauty’ prize for his professional achievements at the Beauty International Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. Kryolan celebrate 60 years of business, operating seven of their own sites in six countries.
  • 2006
    Kryolan present the first multicultural symposium of professional design make-up at a technical university in Berlin, speaking to over 100 make-up artists.
  • 2007
    Kryolan launch their newest product innovation, High Definition make-up – designed for high-resolution camera technology. Kryolan’s Make-up Artist Team becomes exclusively responsible for make-up at a large fashion show in Düsseldorf and the famous fashion show Prêt a Porter in Paris.
  • 2008
    Kryolan conduct their third symposium of professional design make-up in Milan, Italy.
  • 2009
    Kryolan Professional Make-up is the official Cosmetics Partner for the most important beauty pageant in the world – Miss Universe 2009. The Kryolan International Make-up Team is responsible for making-up the contestants, and for exclusively providing the make-up itself.
  • For the third time, Kryolan become the official Cosmetics Partner for Miss Universe – this time in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new Kryolan corporate shop concept is also introduced in Hamburg, Berlin, San Francisco, Chicago, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Chennai, Mumbai and Sofia. The brand holds their 4th Multicultural Symposium for Make-up in Istanbul, Turkey – presenting make-up trends and techniques to over 250 participants.
  • 2012
    Kryolan has been selected as a major supplier of make-up products for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games. The brand launches its new positioning statement with a streamlined visualization starting from its packaging, webpage, brand film and more.
  • 2014
    Kryolan started its 8th and 9th extension at its premises in Berlin. More space for R&D, production, shipping and administration is planned. A seminar room will be installed as well. Kryolan successfully held the 5th Global Face Art in Dubai with more than 200 participants from over 30 countries and experienced the trends and techniques of tomorrow. GFA is considered as a platform for exchange of professional knowledge among the industry. In Munich Kryolan opened its 3rd Kryolan City Store inviting professionals as well as end users to experience Make-up Is A Science


Metallic Muse

It appears as you have soaked up pure sunlight, to glow on through the nights of summer. You are the radiant focus at any party. People will try to get closer to you. But any Icarus will turn to wax in your hands. The Kryolan Trendlook Metallic Muse for spring/summer 2014 is a proud, feminine-strong look. A play with light and shadows, with dark depth and sparkling highlights. Apart from the eyes, Metallic Muse makes effective use of warm brown, terra cotta, and golden-bronze shades. The deep black of Smokey Eyes is illuminated with stunning, black glitter. And for a magical evening, a golden halo encrusts the hairline casting desirable enchantment. 

Standing at the center of attention demands a flawless foundation. As soon as HD Micro Primer is applied, the virtually magic transformation becomes immediately apparent. Ultra Foundation, developed for the highest of expectations, covers any remaining blemish on the skin. Imperfections disappear and the result is exquisite The cheekbones are defined with translucent, Shimmering Event Foundation (bronze), mixed with a little golden-iridescent Glamour Sparks (golden sparks) high-luster powder.

Velvety depth is achieved with HD Cream Liner (ebony), which is applied over the desired surface and is blended in almond shape to extend beyond the socket line. A little Polyester Glimmer on the upper eyelid allows the eyes to mysteriously light up. Golden Contour Pencil (598) sets a luminous accent at the lower waterline of the eye.

The intensive-color, matte Lip Stain stays for the whole night. Nude Lip Stain (latin) enhances the look with feminine elegance.


Belle Allure

Springtime in Paris. The first rays of sun tingle like champagne on your skin. You’ve just strolled through the Jardin des Tuileries and now take a rest with a café au lait. The fresh air has made your complexion glow, your cheeks blush gently, and you catch all the glances from the charming little sidewalk café. Inspired by the legendary esprit of French women and the pastel fruity colorfulness of the patisserie, the Kryolan Trendlook Belle Allure for spring/summer of 2014 is out for temptation and enchantment. Kryolan has combined powdery pastel shades with shimmering gold and bronze to create this Parisian flair. The results: a complexion with gentle radiance and lips that are irresistible – full and fruity.

Ultra Underbase brings the skin to perfection and gives it the feel of gentle smoothness. HD Micro Foundation Cream is then applied as a natural finish and is not powdered. The gentle blush is actually a hint of Lip N' Cheek (hibiscus), dabbed on with a finger in the apple of the cheeks. The highlighter Illusion creates the perfect effect of that silky, summer glow. With this look, the gold-shimmering tone Illusion (velvet) is applied to cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and forehead.

Pale-violet eye shadow Viva Matt Color (sage blossom) is applied to the entire lid and given sophisticated highlighting with Viva Brilliant Color (gold) at the outer corner of the eye, and with Eye Shadow Iridescent (bronze G) in the socket line.

Translucent Lipstick Sheer (mila) elegantly sets off the lips. The intensively fruity sorbet color “mila” ensures this look has a perfect balance of romance and soft sophistication.

Apply Nail Color (enchanting) to accentuate the subtle beauty.

The 2014 Kryolan woman is sweet and self-assured. She has savoir-vivre, flirts with possibilities, and relishes the moment. Her beauty enchants – and her smile promises romantic adventures.

Make-up artist: Paul Merchant | Model: Deborah Ghys, Union Models

Cool Moon

The metallic trend from last season is undergoing further transformation for the fall and winter season of 2013/2014. For the Kryolan trendlook Cool Moon, the London based celebrity make-up artist Gary Cockerill utilizes the retro-futuristic look of the sixties: silver gray noble-metal colors are applied around the eyes with contemporary casualness, a touch of silvery pale highlight on the lips and heavy mascara on the lower lash line. Silvery highlights on the face and the body emphasize the entire look. Cockerill’s modern version of a Barbarella is a charming contrast of shimmering allurement and cool distance similar to the winter moon.

The skin is primed with HD Micro Primer. Apply Lip Care to the lips 

HD Micro Foundation Smoothing Fluid in three colors is used to create a perfectly contoured and highlighted base. The mid tone (to match skin tone) is applied over the entire face to compliment the base tone. Then the lightest of the three shades (around 3-4 shades lighter) is used to bring out the model’s features. Apply to the top of the cheekbones, sweeping round underneath the eyes for brightness, down the center of the nose, chin, and center forehead. Afterwards the darkest of the three colors is used for contour. Apply down the sides of the nose, temples, jawline and below the cheek bones. The next step is to blend in all three colors together to create a perfect and flawless base. 

The eyes are prepared with Eye Shadow Primer. Afterwards Metallique (sparkling silver) is applied all over the mobile lid and is blended round underneath the bottom lashes. Use white Faceliner (60) to subtly the water line to brighten the eyes and make them appear larger. To define the eyes use the light blue Eye Shadow Matt (caribbean). The color is worked into the socket line and blended out into the inner corner of the eye for a real soft contour. The corners of the eyes are highlighted with a touch of Glamour Sparks (silver sparks). Mascara Voluminizer in Black is applied as a thin layer for soft definition. The brows are defined with Eyebrow Powder (fair), very lightly to add soft framing of the eye. 

The lips are covered in a light shade of HD Micro Foundation Cream and matte with HD Micro Silk Powder MSP1. Finally a fine layer of High Gloss (silver) is applied.

Glamour Glow (pale tan) is used to highlight the bow of the lip, bridge of the nose and forehead. Eye Shadow Matt (tv brown) is then used softly to deepen the contour on the temples and under the cheekbones. Finally, mixing Tinted Moisturizer and Shimmering Event Foundation, the neckline, arms and legs of the model are highlighted to give a gorgeous glow. 

Sophisticated Illusion

Those eyes glow out over everything! For the Kryolan Trendlook by the London star make-up artist Lan Ngyuen-Grealis, a little practice is necessary. But the elaborate, metallic Smokey Blue Eyes with double False Lashes and brightened brows will without doubt magnetically draw the looks in spring and summer of 2013. 

A little Shimmering Event Foundation in “pearl” or “silver”, when mixed with Foundation Cream, grants a subtle glow to the complexion.This Primer soothes, makes pores virtually invisible, and smoothes out little wrinkles visually. HD Micro Foundation Cream from the High Definition range of Kryolan was developed especially for the requirements of film and TV pros and is characterized by exceptional fineness and covering quality. The complexion has a smooth and regular appearance: flawless, yet natural.

The first step is to use bluish-black HD Cream Liner (lapis lazuli) to draw out an eyeline well beyond the corner of the eye.
Metallique (mysterious blue) is used to shade the upper eyelid. Here, work past and beyond the eyefold and allow the eye shadow to taper off, toward the inside and outside, in almond form. At the inside corner of the eye, the eye shadow follows the arc of eyebrows to where they begin. Toward the outside, the eye shadow is applied to a point beyond the end of the brows, where it comes to a point. Beginning at the middle of the upper eyelid, Polyester Glimmer is then dabbed on in “navy blue”. 
The simplest technique to apply a perfect eyeline is in two passes. The first pass begins a few millimeters beyond the outside corner of the eye. Starting from here, use a brush to draw an arc upward. Then start again at the inside corner of the eye and draw the eyeline, along the lashline, toward the outside.
By contrast, a natural corona glow is simulated with Kryolan HD Living Color (ruby) in circles around the blue eye shadow. A trace of Viva Brilliant Color (raspberry), emphasizes the radiance of Smokey Blue Eyes to create a magnetic sparkle. Apply Kajal eyeliner generously and extend it into the lower lashline to intensify the radiance of the eyes.

The highlight of the look is the double False Lashes, Lan’s make-up signature. She first attaches the half-length Lashes F5 directly over the real lashes, which form a corona with their striking lancet cut. To provide an extra of length and body, Lan attaches F3 Lashes in addition. These have many fine eyelashes with feathery cut. The points of attachment are concealed with black HD Skinliner (10). The results are overwhelming – who could resist such a dramatically radiant gaze?

To prevent anything at all from distracting, the eyebrows are lightened with Concealer. The light, transparent Eyebrow Forming Gel invisibly sets the brows. Bright HD Micro Foundation Cache is then brushed on with a clean Premium Mascara Brush.

Cheeks, lips, and contours
Lipstick Fashion in the individually suited lip color is dabbed on gently by finger. This provides the lips with a highly natural volume. For a full finish finally a blue-tinged pink High Gloss (butterfly) is applied. High Gloss comes first onto the middle of the lips and is smoothed out to the edges with light dabbing.

On cheeks, Lan uses the same nude-rosé colored lipstick as base. The cheek area is next contoured with the luxuriously shimmering, silky-smooth Glamour Glow (glamour tan). For even greater perfection and definition, the contour of the nose is accented at the side with darker Concealer. Highlights are set with Viva Brilliant Color (lychee) on the bridge of the nose and above on the cheekbone areas.

Lan Nguyen-Grealis is famous for the overwhelming creativity of her make-up looks that she uses to style models for the catwalks of the world and the covers of top fashion magazines. For Kryolan Trendlook SS 2013 she created a worldly, sophisticated illusion of a profound gaze in which you can get hopelessly lost.


Femme Phenomenon

With this trend look for the coming fall and winter season, the New York make-up artist Yuko Takahashi pays homage to the power of feminine creativity and declares woman to be a natural phenomenon. “Femme Phenomenon” is the name of the expressive look that stands guaranteed to draw all eyes. What is in fact a classical beauty style is ennobled by carefully designed accents to the status of a fashion statement. This make-up marvelously suits spirited, modern women who always love to try something new – not only in life, but in fashion as well.

Takahashi combines no fewer than three beauty trends to create her fascinating look: Smokey Eyes in saturated jewel and metallic colors, dark-red glossy lips, and highcontrast French nails in chevron style.

To ideally bring out highly expressive eyes and lips in this trend look, the foundation stays bright and gentle. First, Takahashi applies HD Micro Primer. This professional foundation smoothes the skin, makes the pores virtually invisible, and adds a little extra for make-up durability. The next step is application of HD Micro Foundation Cream from the Kryolan High Definition range, then setting with micro-fine HD Micro Finish Powder. Next, a little Blusher (TC 2) in delicate coral red is applied to the cheekbones and shaded downward with Blusher (shading brown). With foundation and blusher, Takahashi is following the general trend to matte foundation, but betrays a pro trick: as she says, “Together with Shimmering Event Foundation, I always add light reflex to the cheekbones. This additionally models the face.”

For eye make-up, Takahashi uses her “Six Blocks” technique. She divides the entire area around the eyes into six natural highlight zones. From the brightest to the darkest points, she sets the corresponding shading of the eye shadow to transparent at some points, and fully covering at others – which enables her to achieve maximum emphasis and enlargement of the eyes. With metallic pigments, Takahashi applies modern glamour to this classical look. She initially puts on Eye Shadow Primer and lightly powders it. From the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the lid, Takahashi applies the subtlety shimmering, purple-violet HD Living Color (tanzanite) and fades it far in toward the corners of the eyes, as well as to the lid middle. The outer lid area and the fold of the lid are defined, in almond form, with the warm, metallic pigment HD Living Color (copper), and on the inside are softly faded outward to the eyebrows. The zone under the outer brow is even further emphasized with Highlighter.

In work with pure, color-intensive pigment, color application should be heightened carefully from transparent to full-covering extremes. With pigment eye shadow, application of a base as foundation for the eye areas is an absolute must.

For a perfect canvas Yuko Takahashi applies Kryolan Eyebrow Powder.

For lips as well, the “Femme Phenomenon” can produce an overwhelming charismatic effect. The mouth is dramatically set off with deep ruby red Lipstick Fashion (LF 416). A little dabbed, transparent gloss conjures up volume.

To match the lipstick, ruby-red Nail Color (classy) is applied twice. An eyecatcher is a variation of French nails: the Chevron Style. Nail Color (endlessly) is applied to accentuate the nail tips diagonally in the shape of V’s (chevrons).

Blue Aura

“Blue Aura” is the name of the gorgeous fall-winter look by award winning American make-up artist Kevin James Bennett for Kryolan. In this upcoming season, ombre and “tonal” make-up are the statement makers and Bennett demonstrates this trend by creating a modified smoky eye of unexpected elegance using blue as the new black. The focal point is a modern, intensively color saturated eye make-up, framed with a flawlessly perfected complexion.

Kevin James Bennett, winner of 2 Emmy® Awards, is famous for his technique of creating radiantly beautiful complexions that frame his make-up art. “Make-up becomes fascinating and quite memorable when there is one featured element”, is his credo. “And smooth, perfected skin is the ideal backdrop.”

To obtain the ultimate in natural foundation, veteran pro artist Bennett relies on High Definition make-up for his work in all media formats (film, video and photography) – also for everyday looks.

As a base, Bennett applies HD Micro Primer to insure the perfect foundation application and extended wearability.

After the skin is primed, he applies foundation only where it is necessary. For his trendlook, Bennett recommends the soft focus appearance of HD Micro Foundation Matifying Liquid and chooses a shade that matches the model’s natural skin color exactly. Immediately upon application, this delicately matifying foundation with micronized pigments looks satin-like and creates a “second, lovelier version of your own skin,” as Bennett describes it.

As next step, foundation guru Kevin James Bennett contours the face. With HD Micro Foundation Cache, he creates a strong brightness in the center of the face and the tops of the cheekbones. Instead of blusher, he shades the face below the cheekbones with HD Micro Foundation Sheer Tan in a tone somewhat darker than the foundation itself. This imparts warm radiance and subtle depth.

Next fall and winter, the trend will go toward a more matte finished complexion, which is why he sets the make-up in the next step with invisible, ultrafine HD Micro Finish Powder.

Creation of an ombre eye make-up requires graduation of various shading levels from a single color family. Bennett creates his exotic multi-dimensional teal trend color using two cool matte blue shades and a shimmering HD Living Color (jade) pigment.

Eye Shadow Matt (sky) in dynamic sky-blue from the Eye Shadow Trio Set (Blue Aura) is applied onto the entire eyelid, blended into the crease and continued under the lower eyelash line. “This is how”, Bennett says, “we create the modern round form which is very fashion forward.”

On the outer third of the lid and in the eye crease, Bennett blends a blue-black Eye Shadow Matt (nightblue), toward the center of the eye until it disappears into the Eye Shadow Matt (sky). The final step to create the ombre effect is a translucent layer of HD Living Color (jade) distributed very delicately with a brush over the entire shadowed area and below the eye along the lash line. The effect is sensational: an intensely saturated blue-green frames the eyes in a multidimensional aura like a dazzling teal jewel.

Definition is achieved with HD Cream Liner (ebony) along the upper eyelashes and along the waterline of the lower eyelid, accentuating the white of the eye and adding more depth. Mascara is applied liberally to the eyelashes.

False Lashes made with genuine hair are added to the upper lashes to create more drama but are not obligatory.

For a perfect canvas Kryolan Eyebrow Powder is applied smoothly to the brows.

The lips remain nude so they will not compete with the eyes for attention. They are shaped and defined with a Contour Pencil, and then as final step colored with High Gloss (wave). It returns the natural beige tone to the lips yet appears soft and glowing.

Nail Color (magical) goes onto the nails. Eyes and nails are colored in complimentary shades of blue. Whereas the eyes show a metallic shimmer, the nails are enameled in a modern satin-matte finish. For a maximum of elegance, the nails should be moderately short and filed in natural shape.

The key tip from top-pro Kevin James Bennett for a sophisticated look such as “Blue Aura” is: “The make-up must look seamless. Blend, blend, blend – and if you think it looks good, blend a little more”.

Make-up artist: Kevin James Bennett, New York, www.kjbennett.com | Model: Oksana Chepel 

Tangible Goddess

The classical "nude look" lets go of all restraint in the coming spring.summer 2012 season. "Tangible Goddess" is the name given by make-up artist Yuko Takahashi for the ultra-feminine trendlook in 2012 she developed for Kryolan Professional Make-up.

The New Yorker artist combines a soft, smoothly uniform, porcelain complexion with a hedonistic eye make-up. The trendlook refers to the tension created by contrasting soft naturalness with a rich play of colors.

A natural-appearing, flawless cover foundation and concealer are a must. HD Micro Foundation Cream from the Kryolan High Definition Series is used for the complexion, set with the microfine fixing product HD Micro Finish Powder. The HD Micro Foundation Cache Concealer was also especially developed for the exacting make-up demands of TV and film professionals working with HD camera technology, and features extraordinary fineness and covering quality. The lips are maintained in a creamy nude tone: Lipstick Fashion (LF 401). The face is contoured with a trace of Blusher (K 926).

"Flirty Eyes"
The eyes become a self-assured, luminous fixed point. The Kryolan Eye Shadow Matt with micronized color pigments can be applied transparently and with intense colors. For the Trendlook, a color gradation from tender beige-brown Eye Shadow Matt (bamboo) to vivid pink Eye Shadow Matt (flamingo) is applied to the moving eyelid, and shadowed in the eye fold with the sunny Eye Shadow Matt (F 06) orange. All colors used from the Eye Shadow Trio Set (Goddess). The look reveals some Eye Shadow Matt (highlight) under the outer arch of eyebrows. "The summer-like counterpart to Smokey Eyes, I call it Flirty Eyes", says Takahashi.

The eyebrows are distinctly contoured with Kryolan Eyebrow Powder (medium) color. The narrow, jet black eyeliner extending far beyond the eye angle embraces the showy impression: HD Cream Liner (ebony). The eyelashes are made up to match with Kryolan Dermacolor Light Mascara intensive black. False lashes reinforce the "wow" effect.

Takahashi has designed a delicious, sensuous look with a touch of extravagance. It is suitable for everyday use, but also unfolds its full effect in the evening. The modern Kryolan goddess does not only want to be adored. She also invites you to play.



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